Trivia Crack Sports Answer Database

Which team is NOT from Miami?
What team (other than the Chicago Bulls) did Michael Jordan play for?
Which siblings win back to back NFL Championships?
What Award did Ivan Rodriguez win in the 1999 MLB season?
What football team plays for Washington?
Who is Muhammad Ali?
In tennis, how many games do you have to win to win a set?
Which was the very first Asian city to host the Summer Olympic Games?
What sport is practised in the Tour de France?
Who is the only player to have won three Super Bowl MVP awards?
Where is the 2014 Winter Olympics?
Who won the 2014 NBA Eastern Conference Championship?
Nick Van Exel once said: 'Yeah, I know a way to defend it. Take a bat to the game and kill one f them'. Who was he referring to?
What NFL team is the only one not to have a logo on the helmet?
Who won the NBA 2013 championship finals MVP?
What hockey penalty involves multiple steps leading into a hard check of an opponent?
How many times did the hockey player Wayne Gretzky score more than 100 points in one season in the NHL?
Which one of the following is NOT a dance style?
Who is known as CR7?
Who has the most Superbowl rings of these four NFL players?
Louisville men’s basketball had an impressive 2008-09 season posting how many wins?
How long is a basketball game international and in the NBA?
What country won the FIFA World Cup in 2014?
By winning the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2003, who became the youngest ever winner of an F1 race?
How old was Pele in his first World Cup?
How old was tennis player Pete Sampras when he won his last Grand Slam?
How old was Tony Hawk when he started skating?
Ian Thorpe is related to what sport?
In what Mediterranean city did the 2011 and 2012 editions of the America’s Cup take place?
To what sport would you relate Emanuel Ginobili?
What American athlete won nine medals in the Olympic Games of 1968 and 1972?
What breed was the dog Waldo in the Munich’72 Olympics?
What is French player Benzema’s first name?
What is hung over a horse’s head for feeding?
What is it called when a horse is “running”?
What is it called when you serve a volleyball and the opponents do not return it?
What is the name of the style in which you swim on your back?
What game consists of a “kill or an ace”?
By what nickname is tennis player Justine Henin known to her fans?
Which MLB team is NOT in the American League East?
In what sport do you have touchdowns?
What is the championship for baseball called?
What sport is this?
Who used to play for the New York Giants and is now on Live with Regis and Kelly?
Which quarterback has more Super Bowl wins?
What is the national sport of Pakistan?
What is the Olympic sport only practised by women?
What nationality is the tennis player Alex Corretja?
What nationality was the winner of the first Formula 1 World Tournament?
What NFL team won the 2013 Super Bowl?
What NBA team won the 2014 playoffs?
What punishment was introduced in soccer in 1891?
What race is not run in the Olympic Games?
What race, still held in France, gave birth to car racing?
What rugby team is called ‘Springboks’?
Where do you score at a football game?
What is the race for Susan B. Komen called?
What soccer confederation does New Zealand belong to?
What soccer team counts the most expelled players in World Cups?
What soccer team has won two UEFA Cups in a row in the 21st century?
What soccer team was appointed by the FIFA as the Best Club of the XX century?
What soccer team won the UEFA European Championship in 2000?
What soccer team won the UEFA European Championship in 2004?
What two countries have teams that play in the Major League Baseball?
What’s the name of the FC Barcelona’s farm team?
What’s the name of the field hockey move when the ball is lifted with the stick?
What’s the name of the Greek musician who compose the original hymn of the Olympic Games?
What’s the name of the Italian soccer player attacked by Zinedine Zidane with his head?
Where did Michael Phelps win 8 gold medals in the Olympics?
Where did Michael Schumacher appropriately celebrate his 50th Grand Prix win for Ferrari?
Where did the 2010 winter Olympics take place?
Where does taekowndo come from ?
Where does the flame of the Olympic start its journey?
Where has Fernando Alonso won his 2 Formula One World Drivers’ Championships, date 2012?
Where is Antonio Cairoli from?
Where does Jiu Jistu come from?
Where did the belly dance originate?
Which golfer has a drink named after him that consists of iced tea and lemonade?
In the game of tennis what word represents 0 points?
What sports events finishes every July in the Champs Elysees?
Where is the Capoeira dance from?
Which golfer has won the largest number of masters?
Which Grand Slam is played in London?
Which NBA player scored 81 points in a game?
Which NBA team selected Kobe Bryant from the 1996 draft?
Which of these football clubs is in London?
Which South American Nation is related to Tango?
Which sport is accurately nicknamed “handegg”?
who is the player who won the world cup 3 times without winning the Ballon D’Or?
Who said ‘It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up’?
Who scored ‘the best goal in history’ in the FIFA World Cups?
Who used golden sneakers to win the 200 m event in the Olympic Games of Atlanta 1996?
Who used to play doubles with the tennis player Mike Bryan?
Who was Argentina’s coach in 1986 World Cup?
Who was the 1953 Formula 1 Driver World Champion?
Who was the best Austrian tennis player of the 90s?
Who was the best player in the FIFA World Cup of South Africa 2010?
Who was the best tennis player of the ATP in 2013?
Who was the first president of the FIFA?
Who won the Ballon d’Or in 2008?
Dolphin style is related to what sport?
From which country is the athlete Maria Mutola, who won her eighth world title in Paris in 2003?
From which country is the football club AEK from?
How long is a basketball match in the NBA?
How long is a rugby game?
How long is a soccer match?
How long is the interval between the Olympics?
How long is the longest side of a tennis court?
How many balls are on the table in a game of snooker when it starts?
How many balls can be used simultaneously in a football match?
How many bearings does a skateboard have?
How many cars start in the first lane in F1?
How many chess pawns are in a chess game?
How many fights did Muhammad Ali win during his career?
How many Formula One Driver’s World Championship did Ayrton Senna win?
How many games were disputed in the longest match in the history of Wimbledon?
How many goals did Germany score in the 2014 World Cup against Brazil?
How many goals did Pele score during his whole career?
How many gold medals did Carl Lewis win in the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992?
How many gold medals did Spain win in London 2012?
How many Gold medals did the North American Michael Phelps win in the 2008 Olympics?
How many golf clubs are allowed to carry in a competition?
How many Grand Slam finals did Roger Federer play in a row?
How many handles per side does a foosball table have?
How many holes are there in a golf course?
How many holes does a complete golf round have?
How many numbers appear in a darts board?
How many oars are used to move the kayak?
How many players are in a chess game?
How many players are needed to defend a short or penalty corner in field hockey?
How many players are there in a baseball team?
How many players are there in a beach volleyball team ?
How many players are there in a cricket game?
How many players are there in a handball team?
How many players are there in a korfball team?
How many players are there in a netball team?
How many players are there in a polo team?
How many players are there in a Quidditch team?
How many players are there in a volleyball court during the match?
How many players are there in an American football team?
How many players are there in each team in a handball game?
How many players are there inside the water in a waterpolo team?
How many players are there on a rugby team?
How many players are there usually in a rugby team?
How many players compete in the Women’s Tennis Association Tour Championship?
How many players, counting the reserves, are there in a basketball team?
How many players on a rugby team?
How many players per team are there in a waterpolo match?
How many players per team are there in court in handball?
How many points are awarded for a drop goal in rugby union?
How many points are the maximum score obtained by a single NBA player in a game?
How many points are there in bushido?
How many points does a half court shot give in Basketball?
How many points does a volleyball set have?
How many points is a free throw in Basketball worth?
How many points is a free throw worth in basketball?
How many positions are there in Volleyball?
How many rings does the Olympic flag have?
How many seasons did the famous baseball player ‘Babe Ruth’ play?
How many squares are there in a chess board?
How many squares can a Knight attach if it’s in the center of the chess board?
How many stakes of each color are there in a backgammon board?
How many steps can a handball player make with the ball in their hand?
How many white pieces are in chess game?
How many World Championships did Michael Schumacher win throughout his career?
How many World Cups has Panama participated in?
In artistic gymnastics, how many different apparatus do women compete on?
In ballet, what part of the body moves in a “tendu”?
In basketball, how many points scores a free throw?
In basketball; what is the term used for fake foul?
In biathlon, what event comes after cross-country skiing?
In bowling, what is a turkey?
In chess, how many differents directions can the queen move if she is in one corner of the board?
In chess, what do we call a game that ends in a tie?
In Formula 1, what motor-racing team has won the most world championships?
In golfing terms, what is another name for an albatross?
In sumo wrestling, what is the dohyo?
In swimming events where swimmers can use any style, what do most of them use?
In tennis, how do we name it when it’s the receiver, not the server, who wins the game?
In tennis, what’s the name of the point won directly with a serve?
In tennis, who won the French Open 2014?
In Texas Hold’em, how many cards are dealt in ‘The Flop’?
In the 90s, Martina Hingis became the youngest person to win Wimbledon. How old was she?
In the 90s, soccer legend Pele was minister of Sports.In what country?
In the Paralympic Games of Sydney 2000, the basketball team who won the Gold Medal was expelled for having players without disabilities. What team was it?
In the Winter Olympics there are luge competitions. What is luge?
In volley, how many times can the players of a team touch the ball before sending it to the rival field?
In what club was Alfredo Di Stefano trained?
In which board game can a piece move in L?
In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent?
In which state of the United States are celebrated the XGames?
In which year was FC Barcelona founded?
James Naismith invented what sport?
Name the technique of judging a horse back rider’s skill.
On what kind of surface is sandboard practiced?
Swords are used in which of the following martial arts?
The athlete Marion Jones won five medals in her olympic debut in Sydney 2000. How many of them were gold?
The Ballon d’Or was awarded by what magazine?
The Barcelona’s Football Club stadium is the…
The tiger Hodori was the mascot of which Olympic Games?
This sport was born in India, men can win the Thomas Cup and women, the Uber Cup. What sport is it?
What boxer was found guilty for draft evasion after declaring himself a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war?
What boxer won Lou Savarese in just 38 seconds in a fight in Glasgow in year 2000?
What boxing weight class is between bantamweight and lightweight?
What brand of cars jumped from rallies to F1 in 1999?
What Brazilian soccer team is represented by the colors green and white?
What city hosted the first modern Olympics?
What city hosted the Hockey World Cup of 2006?
What city is Chelsea Football Club from?
What country has won the most Davis Cups?
What country is big in Olympic swimming thanks to stars such as Dawn Fraser and Ian Thorpe, being only after the United States in golds and medals?
What country is considered to be the birthplace of horse racing?
What country is Taekwondo originally from?
What country is the football league “La Liga” from?
What country won Eurobasket 2011?
What country won the 2013 World Baseball Classic?
What country won the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2009?
What country won the gold medal in men’s Volleyball in Beijing 2008?
What country won the most boxing medals in the 2012 Olympics?
What country won the most medals in London 2012?
What country won the most medals in the Olympic Games of 2008?
What country’s national soccer team is called the ‘Reggae Boyz’?
What cubic capacity are racing cars?
What designates the level of judo practitioners?
What discipline is not a part of Modern Penthatlon?
What distance is the penalty point from the goal?
What do tennis players Billie Jean King, Andre Agassi, Rod Laver and Steffi Graf have in common?
What do you score in American and Canadian football?
What does a caddie transport in golf?
What does a judoka do with the judogi?
What does NRL stand for?
What does WWE stand for?
What is the maximum number of games you can play in a basketball playoff?
What is the mechanical animal that greyhounds chase during a race?
What is the most popular sport in the United Arab Emirates?
What is the name given to the NFL final?
What is the name of Florida’s baseball team?
What is the name of New Zealand’s national rugby league team?
What is the term used in tennis when the score is 40-40?
What is the world’s most popular and most played sport?
What is Tiger Wood’s real name?
What is Usain Bolt’s profession?
What motor-racing team was Fernando Alonso part of from 2002 to 2006?
What national soccer team is called the samurais due to their blue clothes?
What nationality is footballer Thierry Henry?
What nationality is the former Derby County striker Fabrizio Ravanelli?
What number did Michael Jordan play as on the Chicago Bulls?
What racing driver died in 2011?
What sport do the Miami Dolphins practice?
What sport do the New York Mets play?
What sport do you play if you are part of the NHL?
What sport do you play if you play in the NFL?
What sport gets its name from a Greek word that means ‘nude exercise’?
What sport has 6 players and you can spike and block the ball?
What sport is controlled internationally by the IJF?
What sport is not an olympic sport?
What sport is played in the PGA Tour?
What sport is played with a mallet on a horse?
What sport is the Caribbean island of Bonaire known for?
What sport needs no equipment?
What sport uses a pass, a set, and a hit?
What sport uses the butterfly technique?
What sport would you relate Carlo Costly with?
What sport would you relate Max Biaggi to?
What sports did Michael Jordan practice?
What’s the only Olympic throwing event where competitors don’t throw from inside a circle, but they start off running?
What’s the South American team with more Copas Libertadores until 2013?
What’s the Spanish soccer team that has won the most Copas del Rey?
What’s the standard distance of a marathon?
What’s the surname of the first Argentinian who played in the NBA?
What’s the weapon used in women’s fencing?
When a soccer player scores three goals in one same match, he achieves a…
When did the FIFA World Cup take place in the USA?
When was the last time Michael Jordan played in the NBA?
Where is NBA’s Hall of Fame?
Where is Rubens Barrichello from?
Where is rugby originally from?
Where is samba originally from?
Where is Selena Gomez from?
Where is skier Andreas Schifferer from?
Where is soccer player Fernando Redondo from?
Where is tango originally from?
Where is the ‘All Blacks’ rugby team from?
Where was the car racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi from?
Where were the first Olympic Games of the modern era celebrated?
Where were the first Pan American Games celebrated, in 1951?
Where were the Olympic Games of 1932 celebrated?
Where will the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup be held?
Where will the 2015 Rugby World Cup be played?
Which athletics event is the longest distance in which competitors stay in their own lanes?
Which ball is the smallest?
Which baseball player is behind the batter?
Which baseball team has won the most world series?
Which board game is known as ‘checkers’ in the USA?
Which Brazil soccer team won the national championship 6 times?
Which brothers finished first and second in the 2003 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix?
Which Canadian Hockey team won the gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics?
Which city hosted the 2008 Olympics?
Which city is home to the baseball teams “The Cubs” and “White Sox”?
Which city will host the Olympics in 2020?
Which country hosted the Olympics in 2008?
Which is the fastest runner in the whole world?
Which is the most succesful team in the Champions League?
Which of the following is an Olympic sport?
Which of the following is not an Olympic sport?
Which of the following is not part of decathlon?
Which of the following is the best poker hand?
Which of these activities is related to horseback riding?