Trivia Crack Science Answer Database

How is the process of copying a document from the Internet to a computer popularly known?
Which object is a remnant of a lightning bolt striking a sandy beach?
What makes bones healthy and strong?
Who has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom?
What online company was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998?
How many protons does hydrogen have?
What is the abbreviation for the International Space Station that was put into orbit in 1998?
What do you call a red-brown, “fox-colored” horse?
The name of which plant sounds like a greeting to ‘Coronation Street’s’ Mrs Duckworth?
What symbol does hafnium have in the periodic table?
Who is usually called the light bulb inventor (even though, as usual, it is a bit unclear exactly who was the first one)?
Where are the male sex hormones produced?
Which letter represents the element Potassium?
What is molten rock underground called?
What is a common defect of white cats?
What invention was revolutionary for rock blasting and was invented by the Swede, Alfred Nobel?
Which of these is not a metal?
What does your eyesight have to be in order to be “perfect”?
What’s the name of the science that studies nature, laws and distribution of meteorological phenomena?
Which is not a type of cactus?
By what name is part of the constellation Ursa Major sometimes known?
By what name is sodium carbonate commonly known?
Everyone has it but no one can lose it, what is it?
Farrokh Bulsara is better known as what?
Fe is the symbol for?
For what disease is the vaccine discoverd by Louis Pasteur used?
How many permanent teeth does an adult have?
Hydatid disease can be transmitted by what animal?
Hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite sides are names given to the sides of what kind of triangle?
In what language are scientific names of species given?
In what molecular state is steam?
To what number do the points of the opposite sides of a dice add up?
To what planet relates the Cassini Division?
To what would you relate the Goldbach conjecture?
To which organ of the body does the adjective adrenal relate?
What adult animals have gills?
What age do fingerprints start to develop at?
What alteration happens when someone stops using a drug previously used regularly?
What animal can live for weeks without its head?
What animal can transmit toxoplasmosis to the foetus of a pregnant woman?
What can be used to cut a diamond?
What can dissolve a pearl?
What can NOT be done as we swallow?
What can you find around the atomic nucleus?
What can’t people who suffer prosopagnosia remember?
What causes your muscles to be sore after a work out?
What common cooking material is also known as sodium chloride?
What company makes the Radeon video cards?
What company owns Android?
What connects the pharynx and the stomach?
What continent is cocoa from?
What controls and regulates the body’s temperature?
What is CO2 in words?
What is coulrophobia?
What is cuniculture?
What is Escherichia coli?
What is force intensity measured in?
What is formed in the end of the calf muscles?
What is freezing point of pure water at sea level?
What is generally mixed together to create a volcano affect?
What is ‘God’s particle’?
What is hydrofobia?
What is the name of the process of converting the information stored in the DNA to the RNA?
What is the name of the process of formation of the eggs and the sperm?
What is the name of the scientist that discovered Uranus?
What is the name of the study of carbon and hydrogen compounds?
What is the name of this symbol “
What’s the opposite of ‘digital’?
Who’s responsible for the theory of evolution by natural selection?
Which one of the following is an object oriented programming language?
What is the noise you can hear inside the shell of a sea snail?
What is the nomenclature of magnesium oxide?
What is the normal human heart rate per minute?
What is the occiput?
What is the oldest animal species on Earth?
What is the only animal that can die for love?
What is the only animal that has valves in it’s arteries?
What is the only artery in the body that carries deoxygenated blood?
What is the other name of Lactic Acid?
What is the pH of water?
What is the pH value of human blood?
what is the phenomena of seeing faces in objects and nature called?
What is the Physics branch that studies objects that are stable or NOT moving?
What is the planet in the solar system whose size is closest to that of the Earth?
What is the plant tissue responsible for conducting crude sap?
What is the portion of the small intestine which connects to the liver?
What is the Preikestolen?
What is the process in which atoms are split to create energy called?
What is the proper name for the jaw bone?
What is the reaction between a base and an acid called?
What nerve interprets vision?
What neutralizes an acid?
What process of cell division halves the chromosome number?
What programming language is named after the first programmer woman?
What protocol is used by a router to assign dynamic IP addresses?
What sickness, caused by the Shigella bacteria, causes a huge loss of body fluids?
What is considered perfect vision?
What sickness takes its name for its similarity with the roots of some plants?
What sort of creature is Loxodonta africana?
What turns milk in yoghurt?
What turns solid to gas?
What two elements undergo nuclear fusion in our galaxy’s sun?
What’s the name of the founder of Facebook?
What’s the name of the founder of Wikipedia?
What’s the name of the fruit that grows in the ‘Pyrus’ tree?
What’s the name of the general lack of additional, unprompted content seen in normal speech?
What’s the name of the habit we can’t manage without due to psychological or physiological reasons?
What’s the name of the health condition characterized by an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound?
What’s the name of the historical auxiliary sciences that studies and interprets old papyrus?
What’s the name of the hormonal gland located in the neck?
What’s the name of the hormone that changes men’s voice?
What’s the name of the increase of liquid bowel movements per day?
What’s the name of the inflammation of the joints due to the high levels of urid acid in the blood?
What’s the name of the injury that consists in stretching ligaments beyond its capacity?
What’s the name of the instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure?
What’s the name of the largest known star?
What’s the name of the last part of the large intestine?
What’s the name of the liquid layer that covers the planet’s depressions?
What’s the name of the loss of blood that begins after giving birth?
Where did Ebola appear first?
Where does the goldfish come from?
Where does the great diving beetle live?
Where does the okapi have stripes?
Where does the pink dolphin live?
Where does the rainbow snail live?
Where does the superior Vena Cava drain?
Where does the word ‘salary’ come from?
Where in the digestive system is the bolus formed?
Where in the human body are red blood cells produced?
Where, in the human body, are the latissimus dorsi muscles?
Where in the human body is the occipital bone?
Which of these help with the clotting of blood?
Where is the chlorophyll of a plant?
Where is the Circle of Willis located?
Which group of plankton uses sunlight to make its food?
Which group was popularly believed to be the only ones infected by HIV?
Which herb is also known as Chinese parsley?
Which highly contagious viral disease causes swelling of the salivary glands?
Which hormone is activated during short-term stress?
Which human teeth are also known as the eye teeth?
Which is a breed of dog formerly used as coach dogs?
Which is a carboxylic acid?
Which is a seabird with a deeply forked tail?
Which is a unit of measurement normally used for atmospheric pressure?
Which is an extinct bird that originated in New Zealand?
Which is chocolate’s main component?
Which is not a classification of star?
Which neurotransmitter is responsible for mood regulation?
Which number of the following represents “Avogadro’s number” best?
Which of Earth’s movement causes day and night?
Which of following elements has the atomic number 2?
Which of the five sense develops in the first place in the fetus?
Which of the following animals belongs to the Ursidae family?
Which of the following animals can be found in the Amazon forest?
Which of the following animals can have a tongue longer than its own body?
Which of the following animals can NOT be found in Australia?
Which of the following animals cannot be found in the Gobi desert?
Which of the following animals does exist?
Which of the following animals does NOT lay eggs?
Which of the following animals has a higher blood pressure?
Which of the following animals has a longer live expectancy?
Which of the following animals inject formic acid when they sting?
Which of the following animals is a herbivore?
Which of the following animals is a mammal that lays eggs?
Which of the following animals is NOT an insect?
Which of the following animals is NOT endangered?
Which of the following animals moves thanks to the suckers on its legs?
Which of these fishes is made out of cartilage?
Which of these in the blood is responsible for the coagulation process?
Which of these is a bone found in the ear?
Which of these is a carnivorous plant?
Which of these is not a strong acid?
Which of these is not part of the eyeball?
Which of these is one of Jupiter’s Galilean moons?
Which of these is pi’s last number?
Which of these is the best electric conductor?
Which of these was a primitive form of chemistry practised in western Europe up to the 17th century?
Which of these was not a dinosaur?
Which social network has a little blue bird as its logo?
Who purportedly describes the physical laws of gravity for the first time, after an apple falls on his head?
Who said that “objects which have no resultant force are either stationary or moving at constant velocity”?
Who stated that F=ma?
Who stated that the planets follow an eliptic orbit?
Who suggested that the Earth was not the center of the universe?
Who was Bluetooth named after?
Who was Steve Jobs?
From which of these do cats commonly suffer?
From which part of a plant is liquorice obtained?
Glow worms glow through what part of their bodies?
Gregol Mendel’s experiments were on…
Gregor Mendel, a Catholic priest, has contributed an important role in what field of science?
Gynecology literally means science of women. What’s the science of men?
Heliophobia is the fear of?
How long is the DNA molecule in a human cell?
How long is the life span of the mosquito approximately?
How long is the pregnancy of elephants?
How loud is a sound when it enters in the threshold of pain?
How many arteries come out of the heart?
How many atoms does oxygen’s molecule has?
How many bits did SEGA Mega Drive have?
How many bones are there in the adult human body?
How many bones are there in the human body?
How many bones are there working in the elbow articulation?
How many bones do the 5 fingers of a hand have?
How many bones does an octopus have?
How many bones does the human face have?
How many cells does an ameba have?
How many chambers are there in the human heart?
How many chambers does a cow’s stomach have?
How many chambers make up the human heart?
How many chromosomes are in one somatic cell?
How many chromosomes does a sperm cell have?
How many chromosomes does potato have?
How many Ford model T’s were produced?
How many gamma rays are there in a neuron?
How many hearts does an octopus have?
How many protons does Helium have?
How many protons does Lithium have?
How many stars makes up the Orion constellation?
How many stomach cavities does a cow have?
How many stomach cavities does a deer have?
How many wheels does a unicycle have?
How many wisdom teeth do humans have?
How much is the addition of all the points of a dice?
How much time does blood need to pass through all pulmonary alveolus?
How often do Vulcans need to mate?
How old are kittens when they open their eyes for the first time?
In cartography, what type of map displays elevation?
In computer science, what does the acronym LAN stand for?
In Computer terms, what does CPU stand for?
In computing, what does CPU stand for?
In first aid, what does “CAB” means?
In geometry, what alternative name is given to the longest possible chord of a circle?
In the blood, who’s in charge of transporting oxygen and picking up carbon dioxide?
In the equation y=mx b, what does ‘b’ represent?
Jane Goodall became famous studying what animals?
Paper was invented in what country?
Tectonic plates interact through…
Parkinson is due to the metabolism dysfunction of a neurotransmitter. Which one?
Patients who receive dialysis treatment have what?
Penicillin belongs to what family of antibiotics?
The aortic valve is a major part of what bodily organ?
The appendix is a vestigal organ found in the human body. To what very necessary organ is it attached?
The ball inside pens is usually made out of what?
The triangular shape of which chocolate bar is intended to suggest the peaks of Swiss mountains?
The two hemispheres of the brain are separated by a…
The U in URL stands for either ‘uniform’ or ‘universal’, depending on who you ask, but everyone agrees that the RL stands for … what?
Thomas Kurtz and John Kemeny met in Dartmouth, and decided to create an easy-to-use computer language. What’s its name?
Three of the following elements are highly magnetic. Which of these is NOT one of them?
Through what do spiders breathe?
Through what does an animal with cutaneus respiration breathe?
What branch of dentistry deals with braces?
What branch of medicine is dedicated to relieve the pain?
What brand is the line of smartphones Xperia?
What decimal number corresponds to the binary 101?
What designer drug, also known as MDMA, is analogous to methamphetamines?
What did Alfred Nobel invent?
What disease characterized by red spots on the skin?
What disease is produced when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced?
What disease is transmited by the bug called vinchuca?
What disease manifests with cognitive deterioration and behavioral upset?
What do all cells have?
What do Andromeda I, Draco Dwarf, Large Magellanic Cloud and Baby Boom have in common?
What do babies eat during their first months?
What do babies pass instead of feces during their first two days of life?
What do beavers make their house of?
What do meteorologists study?
What do Pythagoras, Euler, Roche-Frobenius, Thales and Mean Value have in common?
What do Spica, Cephei, Veca, Arcturus and Betelgeuse have in common?
What do the 3 bars stand for in a pilots uniform?
What doctor do you need to visit if you have a heart disease?
What doctor do you need to visit if you have kidney disease?
What does a “cosmologist” study?
What does a glaucoma provoke if it’s not treated?
What does a lightyear measure?
What does a plant cell need to do photosynthesis?
What does a pomologist study?
What does a seismometer measure?
What does A.M. stand for?
What does an acephalic creature lack?
What does an oenologist do?
What does numismatics study?
What drink was invented by the pharmacist John S. Pemberton in 1886?
What drug is a synthetic derivative of morphine?
What duct takes the tears to the nasal cavities?
What is the medical name for fingers and toes?
what is the medical term for a chronic nose picker?
What is the medical term for an infection of the heart ?
What is the medical term for bad breath?
What is the medical term for chronic grieving?
What is the most abundant element in the Universe?
What is the most common cause for an airplane crash?
What is the most poisonous creature on earth?
What is the name of our galaxy?
What is the name of the blood vessel that carries deoxegenated blood from the heart to the lungs?
What is the total amount of bones in a giraffe’s neck?
What is the unit of measure for sound?
What is Thyroxine?
What is tofu made of?
What is used in most nuclear power plants?
What is used to make saccharine?
What is used to watch 3D movies?
What muscle provokes hickups when it suffers spasms?
What musical instrument does the company Gibson make?
What name is given to the extra thumblike toe on a dog’s front feet?
What name is given to the projecting part of the face of a dog?
What name was given to South Africans of Dutch descent?
What number equals 16 in the hexadecimal system?
What number is the term pi roughly equal to?
What reaction happens in the Sun that releases energy?
What’s the opposite of an explosion?
What’s the other name of the head’s skeleton?
What’s the part of the internal ear that’s responsible for the sense of spatial orientation?
What’s the phase of relaxation of the heart in its cardiac cycle?
What’s the rhubarb?
What’s the second largest human organ?
What’s the secondary energy source to our body?
What’s the seventh cranial nerve?
What’s the smallest bone of the body?
What’s the smallest structure material can be found in a stable form?
What’s the smartest invertebrate animal?
What’s the snail?
What’s the square root of 144?
What’s the substance used in churches, characterized by releasing smoke?
What’s the symbol for potassium?
What’s the transparent layer at the front of the eye called?
What’s the unit to measure temperature in the International System?
What’s the viral disease that has been almost eradicated?
What’s the WHO?
What’s zoophobia?
When are shadows shorter?
When does the mother bear separate from her cubs?
When was the Nintendo Wii launched?
When was the structure of DNA discovered?
When you face southeast, what do you have your back turned to?
Where would you find tree climbing goats?
Which atomic model is compared with the solar system?
Which brain region is thought to be critical for the formation of new memories?
Which British bird lays the largest egg?
Which can be a breed of rabbit, goat or cat?
Which car manufacturer revolutionized the process with the assembly line?
Which carbon isotope is used for dating?
Which cell in blood circulation has no nucleus?
Which cells in the human eye are responsible for the perception of color?
Which chemical element was named after a planet in our solar system?
Which chromosome is present in males?
Which is the fundamental measurement unit of electrical charge?
Which of the following is not an organic compound?
Which of the following is not considered a living organism?
Which of the following is NOT found inside animal cells?
Which of the following is the largest known star in the universe?
Which of the following is the Ohm Law?
Which of the following is the plural form of the word “deer”?